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Ban lifted on Zerochol® and Zerotens®, food supplements beneficial for blood cholesterol level and blood pressure

At the request of Innoceutics bvba, the Ghent Court of Appeal (Belgium) has lifted the ban on Zerochol® and Zerotens®, in summary proceedings on 10th January 2008.

The ban was put in place earlier by the DGG, the FAGG and the FAVV1. The reason quoted was that both products were to be considered medicines, something that Innoceutics has always denied and continues to do.

With this action, the Court of Appeal complies with Innoceutics’ demand to allow "the commercialisation of the food supplement Zerochol and Zerotens in their present form and to refrain from any further ban and/or confiscation and/or obstruction of the production, marketing, distribution, sales and export of the said products, nationally as well as internationally." (underlined by Innoceutics).

Zerochol® and Zerotens® are food supplements developed by Innoceutics with the Flemish government’s support.

Zerochol® contains a high dose of free phytosterols, which contribute directly to good cholesterol. Each Zerochol tablet contains 800 mg phytosterols in their free form. This corresponds to the daily dose recommended by the American FDA to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease2. According to European law, Zerochol is only for people who want to lower their blood cholesterol levels. The efficacy of phytosterols has been proven in many peer-reviewed clinical trials.

Zerotens® contains particular milk solids, which directly support a healthy blood pressure. A food product with the same particular milk solids was declared “FOSHU” by the Japanese Ministry of Health as a product for healthy blood pressure3. This is only possible if both the safety and the efficacy have been scientifically proven.

From today, Zerochol® and Zerotens® will be available at the Belgian pharmacy. Both in unchanged composition, presentation, and packaging of 90 tablets. From 30 April 2008, Zerochol® and Zerotens® will also be available in a 60-tablet pack.

This notice is the only announcement. For more information, please visit, heading “Zerochol” or “Zerotens”, title “News”. There will be no additional interviews or press releases.

1 DGG: Directorate-General for Medicinal Products;

FAGG: Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products;

FAVV: Federal Agency for Food Chain Safety.

2 FDA: Food and Drug Administration.

3 FOSHU: Food of Specified Health Use.

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